House Arrest For Othello Epiosode 13

This Script is hot of the press, my dear friend Jerry has completely
re-interpreted the English dub to include the missing 3 minutes as some of you may be aware the BBC edited the episodes down from 25 to 20 minutes this script includes the missing 3 minutes
in the Quarry! which explains why Othello runs away and why Dimitri takes a tumble.
I now have 12 complete episode scripts only one to go !
Episode 13: House Arrest For Othello
Translated by Jerry Lancaster
Translator’s notes:  Often the exact translation is meaningless to English ears, and so the equivalent expression that conveys the sense of what is being said is used. Any ideas for improvement are greatly appreciated.
Once again there are some changes from the book in the script, although the story is essentially one of the closest matches so far. Dimitri is referred to as “Mitja” for the first time, which is his name throughout the books. This begs the question why? as this episode is not only the last of the TV series it’s also the last story of the Ferien in Lipizza Books….was this script written first?
The other character name changes are:
TV: Dr Kozina – Book: Tierarzt Bitenc
TV: Merko Antolic – Book: Miran Antolic
TV: Dr Bitenc – Book: Dr Miha Borjan

Time Speaker 

Scene: Paddocks in Lipizza Grounds

Merko [Come on Doctor, you’ve really got to see this. He waits here every day, just before 10, it’s as if he had a built in clock!

Dr Kozina [That’s Othello the Black Lipizzaner. I know that beggar all too well!

Merko [Oh he’s called Othello is he…we have a secret between us….Now…now…now…now you won’t get anything if your impatient my beauty…..The first time I came here I only had a couple of sweets to give him, but he thought they had an excellent flavour, and since then he comes here every day for his sugar ration! I think that he’d jump the fence just to get it…

Dr Kozina [He’d sell his black soul for a few sweets…..

Merko [Now we can’t let you say that about us eh Othello?

Dr Kozina [How well I know them! You can buy them with sugar, and make them leave their master, and they don’t want grain anymore. They could possibly become bad tempered

Merko [Oh when I begin over at the quarry I won’t have as much time for him anymore, and then we’ll part because I’m busy….over…finished finito…now…you have destroyed my illusions Herr Doctor.

Dr Kozina [I’m sorry Merko….

Dr Kozina [Morning Julka!

Julka [Morning Dr Kozina!

Merko [Who’s that?

Dr Kozina [She’s the Stud Directors niece, she usually lives in Lublijana. Haven’t you ever seen her?

Merko [No!

Dr Kozina [You won’t get round her with a piece of sugar!

Merko [Shame…..Othello eats out of my hand and wants to stay and sit for my sugar!

  Scene: Julka out riding in stud grounds near some Deer.

Julka [Quiet Borej…quiet…Oh Borej you fool, you’ve scared him….

Scene: Quarry

Merko [It can’t be…..Yes Othello…..what are you doing here….You’re saddled….Have you run off? Now listen you savage, that’s going too far! No you’re not getting anything; you simply can’t just come over here!

Stable Lad [Othello!

Merko [Do you hear that, they’re calling for you already….go on run back. Oh alright one lump only, just one….now go on go away! And don’t come back here ever and bother me… understand!

Stable Lad [Othello!
Too easy to get out, I’ll show you!!

Scene: Outdoor Menage

Dimitri [Now that’s enough my beauty…….. Will you be sensible?

Stanko [He’s a pig headed booby that Othello….If you ask me Chief I’d rather be taking part with Borej…..

Dimitri [Yes, I worry too Stanko, I’m already working him to exercise his foolishness, but I will use another if he forces me to….in here…here hold out longer……you or me……you or me….you’re asking for it…

Stanko [Chief…..what a crazy animal [reminds me of a horse called Jasper!]…Are you hurt Chief?

Dimitri [Ah…oh Stanko….I can’t move…I think I’ve hurt my back!

Stanko [Go Danko call Doctor Bitenc quick! ….lie still

Scene: [Landstrasse

Julka [Faster Borej……..Faster Borej….quick…..Come on Borej let’s go!

Scene: Quarry

Merko [What are you doing coming here again… can’t give up the sugar….

Julka [Othello! … How did you get that horse?

Merko [Me?…The horse came to me

Julka [Can’t you see that he belongs to the Stud?

Merko [Of course, but what can I do if he runs here?

Julka [Oh yes it’s hardly any wonder if you’re feeding him sugar…Don’t you think that I’ve got eyes in my head?

Merko [And what lovely eyes you have! I’ll bet that they’re even prettier when you laugh.

Julka [What are you working on here….permission from the Stud is seldom given….

Merko [I’ve got it from Herr Jadran The Stud Direktor…do you know him?

Julka [Yes….he’s my uncle….

Merko [Your uncle….it’s hard to believe that such a friendly gentleman as your uncle can be related to such an unfriendly young lady!

Julka [Now at last I know what’s been driving Othello to act like this…you have been systematically making him unfaithful Herr……?

Merko [Merko Antolic

Julka [Julka Jadran…..then you are a geologist that’s been sent to this region….. ….

Merko [Yes

Julka [That excuses you some

Merko [Oh thank you very much…..What crime have I committed that makes you so hostile?

Julka [Oh you have no idea about horses, not a blooming idea….Horses can be corrupted by sugar….

Merko [I know….I’ve been told as much…

Julka [And in spite of that you’ve lured him away from the Stud with sugar…..that’s true…

Merko [I certainly didn’t lure him away for goodness sake….firstly he came here and the rest is so vague……

Julka [You can’t see it can you? Look its simple….Your rocks here can’t run around freely and run away can they? They stay where they are left…But Othello can do what he wants ….Think about all the consequences….

Merko [What then?

Julka [Well that someone has been thrown off…..look he’s saddled and some poor devil has been hurt? It’s easy then on that basis to train this fellow as his greed brings him….So and you can come back home with me my beauty! And you can forget coming here again….And what are you looking at me like that for??

Merko [Aren’t I allowed??

Julka [Come on Othello, we’re going home….

Merko [Come over again!

Julka [Othello will not and I definitely won’t either!

Merko [See you later

Julka [Ciao…..

Scene: Sezana General Hospital

Doctor [A visitor for you Dimitri…..

Julka [You’re putting such a brave face on it Uncle Mitja…how are you feeling?

Dimitri [Miserable every time I see this white gown!

Doctor [I’ve always said that your uncle’s temper would land him here in my ward one day! And there he’ll stay until I personally say he can go…..

Dimitri [Rubbish, I’ll be home tomorrow at the latest….

Doctor [And to that end dear fellow, you go when I allow you to go and not a day sooner…Lift yourself up…Does it hurt here still?

Dimitri Certainly not!!!

Doctor [You can tell your Grandmother that one…. lie back down again…..

Julka [It would have been definitely better with Borej

Dimitri [Othello can definitely do nothing, I wanted to compel him to work for far too long….and besides I walloped him quite hard.

Julka [Has Uncle Dimitri broken anything?

Dimitri [No Sign……..I’ve been up and walked and it went really well…..

Doctor [Now listen my lad, I’ll let you go home on one condition….If you sign a form that says that it is your wish, and your responsibility to do so…

Dimitri [You can have that, get me the forms….

Doctor [Well then, tomorrow morning we’ll put you in a cast and Julka can come and collect you….but promise me that you’ll at least stay in bed!

Dimitri [What do think I can get up to in a cast….dance a cha cha cha ?

Julka [Don’t be sad Uncle Mitja, at worst you could become a riding instructor….

Dimitri [And stand on my feet watching….I have to ride…I have to ride do you hear.

Scene: Stud

Stanko [Now you bring him over to the right…we’re going! Another 3 weeks working with him and we’ll be there Chief….

Dimitri [It’s not necessary anymore, the Stud isn’t going to take part in the competition, so you can stop the training….

Stanko [Hey Come back….

Julka [Uncle Dimitri Othello’s run off again!

Dimitri [Always a problem!!

Merko [Othello stop! Here stay Othello!…Oh Othello Come.. now listen, running away again…’ll be in trouble friend…come Othello….come on…..come….

Julka [There he is!

Dimitri [This time no mercy, this time he gets House Arrest……

Dr Kozina [Good day Mitja, good day Julka…..

Stanko [Now then!!!

Dr Kozina [We’re here to tell you the reason for him running off…..

Dimitri [I’m afraid we’re not having much luck today….go on Stanko take him to the seclusion stall…….

Stanko [Yes Chief… wait Othello…..come on…..Othello

Merko [Good day

Dimitri [I hear you’re making good progress with your work….

Merko [Thanks…..I’m terribly sorry to have heard that you had such a nasty fall..

Dimitri  [It was just a mishap that’s all….

Julka [A mishap…you call that a mishap! Uncle Dimitri didn’t have a mishap, Othello flipped that’s what happened……

Merko [Your niece holds me responsible for your accident, and I feel that I am to blame. You know that Othello always comes to me in the quarry…

Dimitri [Yes yes I know….

Merko [That really means that I’m to blame Herr Jadran

Dimitri [Ah nonsense….it was on my own account that I fell…Every rider falls off a horse a dozen times or more in their life, and besides I’m still in good shape……you can see that!

Dr Kozina [Joking apart Mitja, how does it feel under the cast?

Dimitri [Oh just wonderful……..

Scene: Stables

Julka [It seems to me that you are extravagant with sugar and compliments …yes?

Merko [Loads, otherwise I’ll end up like my friend here. As a geologist you tend to live like a hermit…There he is the poor boy ………… Othello…..How long is his sentence?

Julka [For a couple of weeks I’m afraid

Merko [So long….and I got you into it, I’m really sorry…..

Julka [Unfortunately you can’t buy your way out of it…What’s five minutes regret compared with four weeks House Arrest…eh?Oh that was Borej, he’s jealous…….now now now  it’s lucky that not all of them are like Othello….isn’t that right my treasure!!

Merko [He has it good eh…..?

Julka [Sometimes he gets the whip…

Merko [Oh……

Stables: That night

Dimitri [Now do we want to tolerate each other again Othello? Look what you’ve turned me into…scrap…
You are the best of them all….that wasn’t smart…do we want to make another attempt….just a quick one….
That doesn’t work…..

Stanko [Chief…if you try that too soon you might never be able to ride again…..

Dimitri [I can only be cured in the saddle…..Stanko old friend unless I take this risk….

Stanko [Clearly, but should I….

Dimitri [Shhhhhhhh…come on….

Scene: Dimitri’s Office

Stanko [Gently now

Dimitri [I still want to use that arm!

Stanko [Don’t worry your arm’s still there!
And where next Chief?

Dimitri [And there, where a rider sits…you can’t ride doing a hand stand!

Stanko [You’re good at doing everything! Just a little longer….like that….Now I must really be careful, it’s easier by eye…

Dimitri [By eye?

Scene: Outside

Julka [Uncle Dimitri….

Dimitri [I don’t need a whip.

Stanko [Well be careful Chief

Julka [Stanko….Stanko…..what do you think you’re doing?

Stanko [I think that you should go to sleep!

Julka [Come on, the old devil can’t hear us.

Dimitri [Slowly…….not so fast Borej….let’s start slowly…..
And now to gallop
Bravo…..Borej……. bravo
We’ve done it already

Scene: Dressage Competition

Dr Kozina [Fabulous, for me the lads give a great display!

Julka [Yes very good but Uncle Dimitri has yet to go ….

Dr Kozina [It’s the way of the world, the young grow stronger and the older ones must move aside….

Julka [But Uncle Dimtri isn’t old, and until now none of the younger riders can better him!

Dr Kozina [And I’m pleased to say that he has remained unbeaten…

Julka [And I have a suspicion that he’ll be unbeaten today…look!

Dr Kozina [Yes that’s him there…….Dimitri!!

Julka [Aren’t you astounded, that he’s going out on another…

Doctor [Now then…that is the limit.

Stanko [Bravo….Bravo….

Judge [Sincere congratulations Herr Jadran, for the last ten years you’ve frustrated the attempts of the local lads to poach it from you…

Doctor [I’ve got to hand it to you Mitja, you’ve shown that miracles do happen. By sheer determination you’ve proved medical science wrong! How did you do it?

Dimitri [Not with your cast my friend….nothing against Medical School…but I modified your plaster cast with a little trimming…here….here and here!

Julka [Unlcle Mitja you did so well!  [Yes Julka actually says “Ich gratulieren dir”…I congratulate you….this doesn’t reflect the usual way she talks to Dimitri…so I changed it!

 Once again a big thank you to Jerry who we all congratulate

for a splendid piece of writing….

Below are some screen grabs from the actual episode,and databse info courtesy of BBC’S INFAX…




  • A television programme
  • BBC Programme Number: LCH7535D
  • First broadcast on 1968-06-03

Broadcast history



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