The BBCs White Horses from my U-Tube site…

                 White Horses Muses by Jay felton


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I remember the BBC’s airing of THE WHITE HORSES as part of my childhood’s primary obsession (which incidentally hasn’t gone away).  Any television drama featuring horses was essential viewing for me, and having already learned about the Spanish Riding School I was particularly attracted to a series about Lipizaners.  I’m sure I never missed an episode!  I admired and envied Julia, while wondering why she was so careless as never to wear a riding hat – I had no idea then of the differing British and Continental attitudes to this safety precaution.  I was entranced by Uncle Dimitri’s splendid horsemanship, and amused by Hugo’s half-hearted efforts not to get involved in whatever mischief Julia was up to.

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Boris, Othello and the other horses were, of course, magnificent, and my lasting overall impression was that the plots were both lively and more original than those of other horse series or films of the  time.  (I had quite forgotten about the first episode’s thieving gypsies, that old cliché of British pony stories!)  I’ve recently found, on re-watching, that my memories of a few episodes were quite accurate (including A Dog’s Life, House Arrest for Othello), others patchy or distinctly off (such as Dangerous Depths, Buried Treasure) and some non-existent (The Squirrel, The Horse Cure), but my recollection of the pleasure the series gave me has lasted through all the time in between.  Moreover, on seeing it again I have not been disappointed.  I am now thrilled not only to be able to watch and enjoy the episodes once more, but also to have taken some small part in restoring an English translation of this delightful series.

Incidentally, I did eventually get to see the Clark’s shoes ad about a week after you (and later that same evening my mother) phoned to tell me about it.  My roommate and I were in the kitchen, it being an advert break, and both stampeded into the living room as soon as we heard the opening music!

Thanks for your thoughts of the series Jay… if you have any distant memories  please let me have them for posting on this site.

Below is my u-tube tie-in ‘episode 13’ the only episode left in English, all the other 12 remaining episodes have been sub-titled back into English and are just as enjoyable as the dubbed version perhaps even better. See what you think click on the left video-box.     


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                                                    Both Uncle Dimitri and Julia made such good acting partners.


One thought on “The BBCs White Horses from my U-Tube site…

  1. I would just like to say what a wonderful site this is and brings back many memories. I grew up watching White Horses and as i got older i wondered where i could get the song on Record. I remember wathing the big breakfast years ago and a Celebrity was on the show asking if anyone had a copy that she could have and somebody sent her a copy. Around 1999 i was in my local town and called into a small record shop and BINGO i found a copy for 50p. i think i was meant to find it somehow. A very big thankyou for putting all this together i really do think it is fantastic..  Regards  Colin Jenkins (Ipswich)

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