Running order when last broadcast

  The White Horses Tv Series

1. Black and White

    Julia comes to stay at the Lippizaner stud which 
    is run by her Uncle Dimitri and renews her friendship with the famous white horses 

2. Dangerous Depths 

     Julia is riding Boris, her favourite horse, near some caves in her neighbourhood, and makes an interesting discovery 

3. Suspicion falls on Andrej

     Money is stolen from the stud farm and Julia’s friend. Andrej is suspected. Julia wonders whether her trust in Andrej is misplaced 

 4. Thais becomes a Mother

      A foal is born during a storm and Julia rides out for help 

 5. Horses Stampede  

      An old Lippizaner returns to the stables and nearly ruins his chances of staying there 

6. About Bojazzo

     Julia and Tomo do their best to bring Bojazzo back to form.

7. Buried Treasure

    Julia discovers that truffles, although not so precious as Gold still have possibilities 

8. The Sava Prize

       The stud loses its best rider for a national competition, but Julia solves Uncle Dimitri’s problem

9. The Squirrel

     Julia interrupts a long ride to save a squirrel, and thereby upsets Uncle Dimitri’s arrangements

 10. The Horse Cure

        Old Maria tries to play a clever game, but Dimitri proves to be a match for her 

11. A Dog’s Life

      Julia refuses to let a dog run into danger through the stupidity of one of her friends 

12. Business Friend

       Uncle Dimitri entertains a prospective client who is not a favourite with Julia 

 All above are taken directly  from the Uk Radio Times


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