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The White Horses in the Radio Times
Here is a scan of the Radio Times from April 1968 showing quite clearly on the
left hand side an announcement that the series “White Horses” is about to appear on our TV screens. Our Black and White screens that is, but in those days everything was so amazing and thrilling that we weren’t bothered either way.
On the next scan is a schedule showing episode 7 Buried Treasure.
To view 100% click on a picture and select “full size”

Photobucket Photobucket

Then we must not forget below the fantastic colour series of “Belle Sebastian and the Horses”. This series often gets confused with White Horses and is a great serial in it’s own right. This will be my next project, that is to translate the series into English and set Sub-Titles as with the White Horses. Just like White Horses the English dubbing of this series has been lost/wiped, so the only way round this is to create English subtitles,this tehnique is now more popular than re-dubbing.

 Photobucket  Photobucket

Above left taken from the 1969 Radio Times when they had a “Children’s Section” all to themselves! Peggy Miller the then deputy head of Children’s programming bought in from Europe all these wonderful serials including The Flashing Blade – The Singing Ringing Tree and who could forget the ‘Im just a great big sad old’ Hectors House, we were so lucky in those days.  

Oh and last… but by no means least above right Robinson Crusoe… here’s another rare page from the radio Times introducing us to the serial once again like White Horses it was edited into 13 parts. Below are the actual time schedules from the magazine.



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