White Horses all 13 scripts

The White Horses Scripts

For the first time ever here are the complete collections of all the scripts from the ‘White horses Tv series’ All my White Horses scripts in one cosy spot

They include all 13 episodes plus alternative versions and are in Adobe PDF version’s 7 and onwards.

This Easter will see 2 new episodes coming to DVD, but if your in the mood why not get a glass of wine and settle

down with the full collection of stories translated by various authors including myself and transport yoursef back to

Lipizza with Julia, Hugo and Uncle Dimitri and the beautiful White Horses.

{ If you don’t have Adobe reader download it free here} http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

Just back is the news from Miran my friend in Lipizza of the birth of a new foal at the Lipica stud farm.
The stud farm of Lipica is proud to inform everyone that this year the farm will expect another 45 new stallions. The born stallions recieved the names from their Mother and Father: Slavina XIX and Conversano Bonadea XXXV. 
Their proud mothers feels good and exhibits her babies – 2 genuine photos, taken last week.

3 thoughts on “White Horses all 13 scripts

  1. Thank you so much for putting the scripts on the site, it really does spark memories of a great series. I was pretty certain I could remember Julia fainting from a chill in the episode ‘Thais becomes a mother’ but could not remember her becoming so ill and hardly breathing and getting worse. Thank goodness for the vet!
    Thanks for bringing back so many happy childhood memories.


      • I am finding it a really interesting site, strange how I can remember some episodes as though I watched them yesterday and others not at all. The only reason I actually watched the show in the first place was my girl friend of the time, Jane, rode horses (and still does) so we watched it together and from then, I was hooked. Apart from ‘Thais becomes a mother’ the other episode I remember fairly well is ‘A Dogs Life’.

        As I mentioned, this site really has bought back some great childhood memories of what seemed like endless Summer days, thank-you for what must have been years of research.


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