What’s possible when you are a true fan!

 Time for an update
Hi to all the White Horses Tv series fans. I have now added lots of pictures across all the series and in addition my friend Merko has been busy photographing the region around the stud farm hunting down location areas from the programme. Click here for my photo album
For those of you who have the series you should be able to spot many familiar places that Julia visited when she filmed there in the summer of 1966. Seeing the area in colour makes you realise how beautiful Lipica is.
For my friends directly involved with the English language subtitles and translations i thank you all from the bottom of my heart, without your help this project would never have happened. For your personal use in the new year 2010 i have made up the complete “English subtitled” series eps 1-12 in one HQ 6 DVd case (pic below)
(Episode 13 English dubbing and original language subtitled episode is part of the set but in a seperate case) also see  picture below. If you are a genuine fan mail me for more details about the English Sub-titles and how the project came about.
Below is a special u-tube Movie/slide show i put together featuring  clips from the series and sung by the
beautiful Charlotte gainsbourg.

3 thoughts on “What’s possible when you are a true fan!

  1. Hi, a great fan of White Horses – first single I ever got. Please let me now when DVDs are available to purchase. Regards, Ian Spencer

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