Helga Anders and the later years

Into the 80’s what really happened?

Below are original scans from the German magazine Aktuelle. Then there is a special link to take you to the article translated into English by my friend Jerry Lancaster, trying to explain the sad ending for Helga Anders.

Please do not read this if you want to remember Helga (Julia,Julka) only for her work in “The White Horses” tv series.

The article is warning to us all, how can a beautiful life end so suddenly? and what were the causes leading up to this.

for the complete article translated into english full story   http://sdrv.ms/17xbob0   link now restored 10/01/13



2 thoughts on “Helga Anders and the later years

  1. Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed watching the tv series again. The Budget DVD’s played fine. My favourite episodes were Buiried Treasure and the one wher Thais gives birth. Let me know if the HQ 6 DVD case becomes available again. I would like to purchase it as a true fan. Thanks again for all your wonderful work, Regards, John Pottage

  2. It is so sad to read about what happened to Helga in her later years, she always looked so happy on screen playing Julia and was really pretty. I suppose it shows what can happen and it sounds as though Helga lost all hope. I just hope that where ever she is now she can still ‘ride away to her world of dreams so far away’.
    Rest in Peace, Helga.


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