White Horses HQ DVD set

Hi everyone. After so many requests from you all for a High Quality value set of this series i am now offering fans the chance to own the set for just £22.50 including postage and packing. The Dvd set will still be from the original English subtitled masters i personally created and on HQ Verbatim Dvd’s in plastic colour coded wallets, they will also have the episode title written onto the dvd. There are 12 English subtitled episodes plus the only remaining episode 13 English dubbing. These are the genuine article from the original source files and not poor quality E-bay copies. Payment is preferred by Pay-Pal . If you would like a set mail  thewhitehorses@hotmail.com
see the picture below….  update…this great value set continues to be very popular.. available from June 2015 and onwards.
You can hear what fans have to say about this set in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “White Horses HQ DVD set

  1. I cannot say how thrilled I am to have this series on dvd to watch whenever I want. It was a defining programme of my youth and I have long wanted to see it again.

    I must also applaud the hard work that has gone into the subtitles making the series viewable to English speakers. Absolutely wonderful, thank you.

  2. I’m delighted with the DVD White Horses set -it’s great to be able to watch them again after all these years and rekindle my schoolboy crush on the lovely Helga Anders – I was deeply saddened to hear what a tragic turn her life was to take. A magnificent job on the presentation with all the subtitles over the original German sound and I actually think I prefer seeing them in this form. In parts the dialogue seemed slightly more ‘adult’ than I remember (or was I just too young and innocent?). A magnificent production – many thanks.

  3. I would like to say thank you for recreating the White Horses telivision series. Watching the episodes again has been very nostalgic and enjoyable. I agree that using subtitles is better than dubing and you have done an excellent job. I also liked the extra audio clips, a very nice touch. It is so sad that Helga Anders is dead.

  4. Thanks Andrew for putting all the series together.
    A lot of hard work with the extra audio touches, have just skipped through a couple of episodes and will watch them when i have some quiet time around the house, will bring me back to my youth enjoying them.
    so glad that there are people out there who do keep the memories alive.


  5. Hi, can you tell me if these dvds will play on region 2 players please? Also how much is the postage? I live in the UK.

  6. As soon as the titles of the DVD started with that theme tune the tears started to flow. I never thought I would see this again after the BBC destroyed the prints. This effect has only ever happened once before – with the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Network). Andrew you deserve an Oscar for subtitling this series ! The mastering is superb – black blacks and white whites – no grey horses here !! A televisual treat and bargain given the hours of work you must have put in to achieve it.

  7. I bought this DVD set for a friend of mine after a bit of a nostalgic fest. i was a bit concerned that the subtiitles would put her off but she loved it. The quality of the picture is mich better than I’d anticipated.

  8. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into restoring and making this series available once more for all White Horses fans. The set arrived in great condition here in the US and in plenty of time for Christmas.

  9. Hi Andrew,

    I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to receive the DVD’s. I’m trying not to watch them too quickly as I want to make them last, the memories are flooding back! The time and effort you have put into copying and sub-titles is amazing. I can’t stop humming the music and even Phil has started! I’m on episode 6 now and am trying to limit myself to one a week.

    This was one of the best presents I’ve ever had thanks to you and Phil.

    I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you a very happy and prosperous new year from us both.


    Steph Allcock

  10. For years I’ve been trying to obtain a set of The White Horses DVDs for my wife, Sue. Even if video tapes had been available, they’d have been pointless as Sue is now deaf. The other week Sue was going through some vinyl records her parents were getting rid of and found her single of the song. She was delighted; even though she’ll never hear the music again she wanted the single as White Horses had been her all time favourite programme as is the music. I’d pretty much given up sourcing subbed DVDs but tried again and was thrilled when I found that Andrew had succeeded. Having been in video production I can imagine how much work Andrew put in, he must be congratulated on his tenacity, skill and dedication. Standards are excellent, subtitling is better than original (yup, I’m 56 now and watched the show) and getting the DVDs to me beat all online purchases to date. Unless the items are from my own street I don’t see how they could get here faster. The big question, what was Sue’s reaction? I moaned about rubbish on TV and said we’d watch a film. Popped the first DVD in and sat next to Sue. When the front image came up she was stunned and couldn’t believe (her words) that ‘she’d ever have seen the Horses again’. This has meant a huge amount to Sue. She, as a horse woman, is having a wonderful time reliving her youth. Her mare isn’t white, will another turn up?
    Thank you Andrew.

  11. Hi Thank you so much for sending the DVD set, we are delighted. My daughter and i are loving watching the series together.

  12. Excellent classic children’s series. Brilliant picture and sound quality to boot. Brilliant use of subtitles and very well done.
    Mr Andrew (Charles) Linton has worked very hard with the set and has done a marvellous job with it. I can’t find any faults at all.
    I have been enjoying watching the episodes it’s quite a little rareity. If it had not been for my dear old mum telling me about ‘The White Horses’ and how her daughter use to love the series when it was originally shown here in the UK in the 60s, I would not of known a thing about it. For years after the series got somehow stuck in my mind and I wondered what it was like then I found the set here that Mr Linton is selling and I just had to buy it and I’m glad I did, well worth every single penny of the £20.00 odd pounds I spent on it too. I can’t wait to watch the rest. Maybe one day they will finally unearth the English dubbing soundtrack that was so carelessly lost in the mists-of-time. Till that day this set certainly fits the bill beautifully!

  13. What a wonderful trip down nostalgic memory lane – crisp black and white, beautiful Lipizzaner horses, watching the series now in my late forties, I am really loving the horses and their movements, and being in German with the English sub-titles adds so much more to it. Really really exquisite series to watch. I have wanted to rewatch this series for many decades but never thought I would owing to the English versions having been lost by whoever was in charge. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sue,
      So pleased you have enjoyed watching the show again. The subtitles are good fun and you do get the feel for the series as the producer had intended.
      For a children’s show it was very well made and shows what quality films were coming out of 60’s Europe.
      This was a co production between West Germany and the part communist Yugoslavia, quite a unique venture as this has never been done since.
      Happy Viewing Sue!

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