New Site for The White horses

Welcome to my new site. The budget DVD set is still available see below for more details. Below is a link to my current windows live archive for the tv series just click and enjoy the pictures and stories. I have just added 31 new exclusive pictures {As of April 30th 2011} they show lipica stud farm and grounds, riding competitions and much more Click here to see them all.


5 thoughts on “New Site for The White horses

    • Thanks Paul it’s finally starting to take shape after my migration from windows live.
      Lots of new things to come soon.It would be nice to get Jackie Lee aka “Jacky” to appear on Tv again, she has had over 501000 hits on u-tube for her famous song,surely this deserves some recognition.

  1. Hi Andrew

    omg, for years i had lived in the hope of a repeat of the series, was devastated to find out the originals had been destroyed & then found your dvd set! i really can’t thank you enough – so many good memories – love your subtitled version – far more atmospheric to hear the original guttural germanic! will recommend this to all my horsey friends of a certain age!


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