The White Horses soundtrack music

White Horses music

If you click on the above link it will let you see the original written sheet music for this tv series theme tune it may take a minute to load and you will need adobe pdf reader. Below  is the front cover published by Gerrard Music of the song to the series.

Taken from 1968 published by Gerrard music, next to this is the radio times from 1978, to enlarge just click on the picture.

Use the pdf sheet music to record your version of the famous song and i will post it to my site.:


6 thoughts on “The White Horses soundtrack music

  1. Wow, thanks for this! I used to watch the series as a little girl, and loved it. I now sing the theme tune for my two and a half year old son, at his constant request! I’m going to play him this tomorrow…

  2. Wow this really brings back memories I used to watch this when I was about 7 years old not saying how old I am now though.

  3. please can you help, my daughter is in a 1960’s show and has been asked to perform a solo. She is wanting to sing white horses but i cant find the sheet music anywhere. Could you please suggest where i will be able to bet a copy.

  4. The theme tune was really haunting and has to be one of the best TV theme tunes ever, can still remember it as though it was yesterday, although the originals were so many years ago. Thanks

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