The White Horses TV series DVD

I am still being asked for copies of the enchanting series today.

Just to let everyone know, yes! you can still obtain sets of my original translations subtitled

into English. All the 13 Eng subtitled episodes plus the only remaining episode “13 English dubbing”

My original sets are now £22.50 (revised July 2015 price) inc postage and packing.

If you would like one just mail me at

I will be pleased to help you see the series once again.

All my copies are from the original series and not cheap e-bay duplicates.

Please look through my site, I hope it brings back some fond memories of a time long gone.

All my 13 re-written scripts are available on my server here

I recommend a large bottle of red if you plan on reading all 13!


9 thoughts on “The White Horses TV series DVD

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes very soon…I have it on my to do list.I have made a nice copy of the English dubbed version from the original BBC1 broadcast onto DVD and I am pondering weather or not to include it as an extra on my White Horses DVD set.
      Sorry to keep you waiting but I will push this for around Christmas time.

  1. I received The White Horses DVDs very quickly from Andrew. They arrived on a cold miserable January day when I was suffering with a cold. I put the first one in my player and was transported back years ( too many to think about!) into childhood with beautiful horses and summer days, exactly as I remembered the series. It was fantastic and Andrew has done a great job. Thank you so much! Anyone pining for this series, don’t hesitate. Buy it and luxuriate in the nostalgia.

  2. The DVD’s arrived yesterday and I watched the first 2 episodes yesterday evening. The picture is excellent and the subtitles are great. I never expected to see it again, so it was a lovely trip down memory lane. I very much look forward to watching the rest of the series. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making these DVD’s available.

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