An Unexpected Surprise !

After collecting nearly all the various international versions of “White Horses” by Jacky, I was very happy to receive in the post today the elusive Japanese version. It states on the cover that it is the Stereo version and it is in fact just that, but without the terrible “Bridge” edit that all the UK stereo versions seem to suffer from. Its a super recording and my favourite to date. On the rather colourful picture disc is Japanese text which I found to be rather curious. I put the text through my translator and below is an abridged version of the translation. Remember this is from Japanese to English! Also if you zoom in on the back sleeve you will see the very funny Japanese interpretation of the “White Horses” Lyrics.

_20150714_133152    _20150714_133317

Translation from Japanese via Google translate …

We remember France Gall from her 1966 “Yume ni mita ojisama” (writer is comparing her song about a horseActual song here .Now we have the fresh spring sound for 1968 once again. This time around her name is just Jacky..,Jacky’s real name is Jackie Lee. Born May 29th 1943 the same year as France Gall. She was born in Ireland and stands 57.1 inches high. Weight is 98 pounds. She has beautiful blue eyes and Blonde hair. She is a petite girl, who learned to sing and play the piano as a child in Dublin “Ireland” at the Elementary school. Her stage singing debut was at the tender age of 12. She always dreamed of having a hit song played on the radio. This was later to become a reality. She left Ireland to study music in the United Kingdom at the “Guildhall school of music”. Jackie sang for various recording labels Columbia, Decca and Polydor before being spotted by a Phillips label scout called Adrian, who went on to became her manager. Adrian worked with Jackie and her music arranger was Derek Lawrence. In 1968, her studio nick name was “The White Horses Girl” . She recorded the theme song “Paparera” from Doctor Dolittle and “The White Horses” as her debut song for the Philips label. Jacky suddenly became a star in May 1968 and soared the charts in the New Musical express magazine. Jacky’s song White Horses was broadcast every Thursday on BBC1 at teatimes. The song is quite cute and perfect in every way. end of translation

Below for the record aficionados is a snap shot of the Japanese label ID code _20150714_132937

Click the link below for my actual photo of the record

1. Vinyl Japan Philips 2. Label close up Phillips Japan


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