The White Horses tv series theme tune

For the beautiful original Tv series play out version White Horses tv series original theme                                   .                  

Please follow the link   White Horses Jacky Mono Mix and click on song 03 to open play.

Updated June 2015

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New Site for The White horses

Welcome to my new site. The budget DVD set is still available see below for more details. Below is a link to my current windows live archive for the tv series just click and enjoy the pictures and stories. I have just added 31 new exclusive pictures {As of April 30th 2011} they show lipica stud farm and grounds, riding competitions and much more Click here to see them all.

White Horses HQ DVD set

Hi everyone. After so many requests from you all for a High Quality value set of this series i am now offering fans the chance to own the set for just £22.50 including postage and packing. The Dvd set will still be from the original English subtitled masters i personally created and on HQ Verbatim Dvd’s in plastic colour coded wallets, they will also have the episode title written onto the dvd. There are 12 English subtitled episodes plus the only remaining episode 13 English dubbing. These are the genuine article from the original source files and not poor quality E-bay copies. Payment is preferred by Pay-Pal . If you would like a set mail
see the picture below….  update…this great value set continues to be very popular.. available from June 2015 and onwards.
You can hear what fans have to say about this set in the comments section below.

Free screening of Episiode 1 of The White Horses

Latest News
Anyone who is near Stourbridge on 4th September please pop in for this free event sponsored by Kaleidoscope’s
Chris Perry in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution once again

Amongst many other childrens gems episode 1 “Black and White” with English subtitles will be shown. I should be at the event myself and if any of you turn up i will be happy to answer any questions about the series history and how i went to all the effort of creating English Subs.. Below are the address details.Click here

Are you being served’s Mr Lucas “Trevor Banister” is also there. {update Trevor Banister sadly died in April 2011} 

Kaleidoscope, Saturday 4th September 2010, Stourbridge.Hello everyone,


We are pleased to announce details of our September event, where we will be joined for the day by the prolific actor Trevor Bannister.

Saturday 4th September 2010, 12:00 – 7:00 pm
Function Suite, The Talbot Hotel,
High Street, Stourbridge,
West Midlands DY8 1DW, UK
Free Admission


* 12:00 pm The opening of BBC2 was delayed and went ahead a day late. On the night news bulletins from Alexandra Palace explained why BBC2 was not on air (TX: 20/04/1964 and 21/04/1964).
* 1:00 pm White Horses – episode 1 with English subtitles. Opening of the much loved series from 1965, co-produced by RTV Ljubljana. Stallion Boris is stolen by gypsies who dye his white coat brown so that no one will recognise him. Shown many times with English dialogue in the UK from 1968, the dubbed soundtrack has since been lost. These subtitles have been added by a dedicated collector of the series who has spent years finding the best prints available and adding the subtitles.

Guess what was on radio2 today!!

Radio 2 your a star
Good old Ken Bruce did the right thing today and gave all his listeners a rare treat… yes you’ve guessed right, he played “White Horses” by Jacky.
It is great to hear this again on the radio, lots of people phoned in and also asked for “Robinson Crusoe” and “The Flashing Blade”, but Ken had to draw the line somewhere!  I don’t expect the BBC hold the theme to “The flashing Blade”. I have it on vinyl but i know its pretty hard to find. Oh the BBC t.v.c was 50 yesterday it got a small mention by ITV news but as yet the good old Beeb seems to have forgotten its there birthday. Happy birthday Auntie we still love you.

Helga Anders and the later years

Into the 80’s what really happened?

Below are original scans from the German magazine Aktuelle. Then there is a special link to take you to the article translated into English by my friend Jerry Lancaster, trying to explain the sad ending for Helga Anders.

Please do not read this if you want to remember Helga (Julia,Julka) only for her work in “The White Horses” tv series.

The article is warning to us all, how can a beautiful life end so suddenly? and what were the causes leading up to this.

for the complete article translated into english full story   link now restored 10/01/13